Explore yourself and be what you are.

Being an observer, its my interest to break down and study other’s behavior.

From the time I have taken my observation genuine about watching the human instinct I have seen the majority of people are not thankful for what they have or what they are. Their exceptionally require is to compare and afterward change even then still they look more things to compare since they are still forever unsatisfied.

The inquiry emerges in my brain is the reason that people even compare and tries to change yet at the same time never gets fulfilled on the grounds that regardless of the amount they change despite everything they need to compare. There can be few reasons A. Possibly they need to change with the end goal for people to like them. B. They are not happy or satisfied for what they have. C. They are not appreciative on things introduce in their lives. D. Someone in their life is debasing them. E. There is a considerable measure of pessimism around them.

Presumably somewhere, we compare ourselves with others so as to change or resemble them. This thing begins from the time when out of the blue you compare your any element or anything from your existence with that specific thing or person. There are few motivations to compare, either you venerate them or you think you are nothing by your self. In the event that the fact of the matter is adoration then its fine to some extent however in the event that the person comapring gets too much and then it truly irritate as long as he can remember or he may can totally lose his own personality so as to resemble someone else. Presently the other alternative, on the off chance that you think you are nothing yourself then buddy believe me you are in genuine issue since you are insufficient appreciative for what you have and being not appreciative is extremely a major issue as it makes your life so mind boggling that you even dont like the things used to be close or dear to you since you are never thankful.

Contrasting and attempting to be like someone else can devastate your own qaulities and personality.

And afterward the time comes when you wont have the capacity to perceive yourself.

To overcome this you just need to express gratitude toward God for what He gave you or what you are today. Presumably, Allah adore the individuals who appreciate and are thankful.


Relation with friend and a sibling

“True friends resemble diamonds”

I might want to contrast a relationship of a friend and a blood relationship.

Relation with friend and a sibling.

Here I’m giving importance to a friend as a diamond and sibling as a gold.

When something gets wrong between you and your sibling it can be settled one day by the relatives or with the assistance of somebody so it can never be done, this relation can never be done like the gold you can give it any shape now matter how nany times you dissolve it or give it the shape it remains the gold.

Presently a friend , if things get amiss with the friend and some way or another the friendship once broken can never be a similar thing once you get separated. Same is the situation with a diamond once it gets split it can never be a similar thing once it was, even it could never be called as a diamond again. Everybody needs great and true friends. They will be a strength and blessing to you. They will influence how you think and act and even help determine the person you will become.

Human Nature

I ll be talking about the conduct of humans towards various parts of life yet the principal thing it needs to manage is human nature.

Human nature is some way or another extremely unpredictable. Regardless of the amount we ponder its complexities it turns out to be more deep. Watching the nature particularly the human nature is an exceptionally intriguing thing. From the time I have begun observing and studying the human nature I have come to know plentifully about its appearances and hues. From relationships to day by day behavior each and every fact about nature is unique and complex. Understanding the emotional side of humans is much more fun to watch and comprehend, keeping the fun part at one side its additionally the most delicate part of human nature.

Reframe the way we think.

Give couple of minutes to yourself and review you day or a week so far. What thoughts coming up? Are you thinking about what you’ve done or endless to-do lists or how it has been a tough week at university or work? Maybe that you are disappointed with your sister who ditched you to go for shopping or you’re irritated with your partner who forgot to take you for outing? It’s an extremely normal nature of human to focus on the things that aren’t going well rather than those things that are.

With that in mind, what are you grateful for?

The best way to help or change ourselves is, reframe the way we think.

Lets reframe some of those prior thoughts. Do you remember how that sister was there for you and listening to you when you were confronting the bad time, when you thought world was going to fall apart? Do you recall every one of those expressions of appreciation and support your partner has given you throughout your relationship? We all tend to take things for granted. Life is too short to spend in debilitating the things happening.

Now think again and review your day or week so far and appreciate yourself for what you’ve done and the assess where are you weak and can do better. Appreciate each one of those doings that your family, friends and your partner has done for you. Attempt to review the great moments of your life as its good for you..

“Comparison is the enemy of satisfaction”

Stop comparing your life with others because
“Comparison is the enemy of satisfaction”

Comparison means absence of self acceptance. Continually investigating one’s shoulder to see who is better, smarter and more well-heeled. This can make one feel depressed and sad. The more you are satisfied with yourself, the lesser you will compare. People have different lives and decisions, they will dependably have things not quite the same as you. Work on self acceptance and co-operate with yourself to be you.

Well, there’s no harm in comparison yet problem begins when one starts to constantly compare his/her life with others and consequently feel sad and depressed. The very fact that one compares his life means that one isn’t content with his/herself, one’s identity and what one has. In the event that that is your mindset then you will undoubtedly be emotionally upset.

I’ve struggled with it the majority of my life. Commonly, I blame it on having one year younger sister who is three inch taller, lol. Be that as it may, to be truly honest, more probable, it is a character flaw hidden somewhere deep in my heart.

I have discovered that we can compare ourselves with others in uncountable categories and to an uncountable number of people. The tedency to compare ourselves to others is as human as some other emotion. Positively I’m not alone in my experience. But it is a choice that only kills joy from our lives. We ordinarily compare the worst things about us we know to the best presume about othets. Your blessings and abilities and successes and contributions and value are completely unique to you and your motivation in this world, so they can never be properly compared to anyone else.

Comparison regularly result in hatred and anger towards others and towards ourselves. Comparison restrain us of happiness since it includes no value, meaning or satisfaction to our lives, they just distract us from it. Indeed, the negative effects of comparisons are wide. Likely, you have experienced or are experiencing, many of them first-hand in your life also.

How at that point, may we break free from this habit of comparison? Pursue the considerable things in life. Some of the greatest treasures in this world are hidden from sight: love, compassion, selflessness, liberality. Among these higher interests, there is no measurement, want them above everything else. Dont compete yourself just appreciate yourself.

There might be times while competing is alright, yet life isn’t one of them. The most important step in overcoming the habit of competition is to appreciate and compliment the contribution of others.While concentrating on the negatives is rarely as helpful as focusing on the positives as said in my previous post, its important to remember that no one is perfect and no one is carrying on with a painless life. Comparing our lives with others is silly. In any case, discovering motivation and learning from others is completely wise. Work hard to learn the difference.

“It is what it is”

There comes a situation when you are going through a horrid phase and you utter words like “Oh Allah what was my fault, when all of this would end, this situation sucks and I wish things get better and different but i dont know what to do and how to make things fix, why is everything so difficult,” and so on. Typically, its the best way to avoid the problems.

It appears that often you hear the phrase, “it is what it is”. It is what it is appeared to be an indication that people are alright with their routine and happenings. This expression is extremely strong, once you begin believing it, things improve at their own because there are a few stages where using this expression is appropriate. In any situation whether its an awful incident, rain, storm, death, situations which are totally out of your control and no counseling session is going on to settle them. Using this expression helps from being proactive. Since to settle an issue first you need to think and for thinking your mind ought to be in a state to trust that everything occurs which is as it should be.

This may appear like a basic expression however it has solid consequence for how people think and how they imagine the world they live in. This expression is related to the condition of possibly however in actuality “it is what it is” is itself in a condition of potentiality. In some areas it may indicate an acceptance of complexity and confusion however in different settings it can indicate an acceptance of limitations. It’s a phrase that may have different shades or meaning, or be evolving new shades of meaning, but as I said It’s not one static thing. It is what it is.The only condition in which its terrible to use this expression is lie, which is what you do everytime, you use this expression to express your hesitancy towards facing a test.

No one is asking you to find out the way out of the problem even when its out of your control. You are under no obligation to fix every single problem of your life. In the end whatever would happen will happen as Allah wants because Allah has better plans for you. If He is taking something good then believe me He has planned to give you something better.

The way we communicate matters a lot.

Language, tone, the way we communicate matters a lot. Small things, short conversations can describe the whole story. We often dont notice the way we talk or speak but people with whom we are and the people listening, notices and also feels a lot. We often dont mean to be rude but sometimes due to the habit of that tone we dont realise how rude the words could be and when someone points out or speaks in the same manner you feel bad or insulted as if it wasn’t your fault in any way.

Words can tear the bonds, words can create distances, words can bring change in feelings, words can bring two people close or can create spaces. Sometimes we dont understand why that person has changed or gave a rude answer, to understand we should look back, think of what you had said that brought the change. Never blame others always have a look on yourself for the change because you can bring the change and make things better.

“Too gentle to live among wolves”

I’m one of the searchers. I believe there are millions of us. We are niether unhappy nor really content. Every person continues to explore life, attempting and wanting to uncover the hidden facts. We try to understand ourselves and attempt to explore ourselves. We like to walk along the streets, we like forests and mountains, we like to travel.

Our sadness is as much a part of our lives as laughter. It’s a great joy to share our sadness to the one we love. We people are ambitious just for life itself, for everything lovely it can provide. Above all we love and need to be loved. We would prefer not to prove ourselves to one another or compete for love. For wanderers, lonely men or women, dreamers and lovers who dare to ask of life everything great and beautiful, it’s for the people who are too gentle to live among the wolves.

“Taking a look at the things postively can change our perspective”.

Negative sort of attitude and outlook can influence our health. Negative thinking can be the main reason of mental health problems which can have a negative impact on our lifespan . Keeping yourself positive not makes us happy, yet it effectively makes us healthy. If you are experiencing a tough time firstly get rid of negative thinkers. As a negative person, I attracted negative people, when I decided to live a postive life, I had to rid my life of the most negative influences in it.

Nobody is perfect and with regards to positivity perfection isn’t the objective yet there were people in my life who were consistently negative, who constantly brought me down but its a very common nature of human that he takes a lot of time to recognise the actual person bringing him down. The other good way of bringing positivity in yourself is appreciating the great things around you, share the positivity with others. Seeing and valuing the positive things in our lives offers a great mood boost. Then looking for the positives in a negative situation can actually completely change your perspective on the situation.

When you are experiencing an awful situation there is no motivation to be hopeless because you know there is Allah what’s more, believe me by simply reminding this to yourself gives you a great relief and help because there are ways to every situation you just need is to think, but if you’ve filled your brain with negativity at that point how are you going to think a positive path to that situation? Picking a positive thought to focus on when the negative thoughts are getting you down, enables you to change gears away from the negative. Looking to the bright side can be hard now and again however it is the best way to get rid of mental and life problems.

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