You are going to be okay!

Think about where you were a year ago. Think about the things that used to stress you so much that no longer consume your brain and time: the relationship that wasn’t healthy, the worry of what this year would be like, the things you never thought you would accomplish but did… All of those things are worthy enough of being grateful for and are beautiful reminders that after everything that happened, YOU ARE GOING TO BE OKAY.


Find yourself first.

Is it true that you are genuinely into love? And if yes then simply think for a moment, everything the person does for you is enough or still that person needs to do more? Count on the things which are missing and should be done. Would you be able to ask him or her to do those missing things? If yes, how might you feel? Relaxed or still confused? What if he fails? What will be your reaction? Will you yell? fight? Or then again quietly ignore? Or on the other hand will you simply feel terrible for yourself and each one of those things that you’ve done for him?

These things will happen over and over because no relation and no person is perfect. there is no perfection anywhere except in Allah’s matter. So, if you require perfection in your matters wait for your time, the time that Allah has written for you, the time which is all yours by the command of Allah till then make your own self a person with the goal that when the right time comes you won’t waste the time in finding your self.

For what reason you are wasting your time in expecting things from others? Why don’t you invest energy in making your own self a person that you really need? Think not on the things which you need the other person to do, think for what you have to do. Think for the approaches to improve a connection with your own self. Make yourself enough for you. Because if you have a list of things to get, the other person also has. Since each person has its own particular psyche and considerations. stop imagining that your life is nothing without a partner, life makes no sense without YOU.

Life isn’t about love, it’s about you.

Love is only a feeling which influences you to study it and approaches you to find a purpose behind its own reality.

Love is something that gives you strength to feel the magnificence of relations and when it became successful in realizing us its existence it turns into your weakness. It’s a parasite which uses you, your heart, your mind, your body for its sustenance and then it begins eating you. You may not be familiar with my point of perspectives and it’s not important to say yes to everything. And in case I’m wrong then tell me what love is? Isn’t a feeling that brings you at the highest point of this world and then throws you down for no reason yet for only one reason, commiting it? To me love isn’t everything also not all the things need love. Life isn’t about love, life is the name of living it in any way.


Self-discipline starts with the mastery of your thoughts. If you dont control what you think, you can’t control what you do. You are always in charge of how you act, no matter how you feel. The problem isn’t the problem, the problem is your attitude about the problem. When you can’t control whats happening, challenge yourself to control the way you react to what’s happening.

Trip to Fairy Meadows

The day I stepped into fairy meadows changed my entire point of view about weather and nature. My brain was blown, I was stunned at that exact moment. This was the exact place I used to envision and wanted to have a small house in front of the mountains with a waterfall (call it a fantasty or whatever you like). This place was literally a heaven like place, where everything appears to be beautiful to the point that your words to praise it loses all sense of direction in the beauty and to find those words you get lost in that beauty. My words wouldn’t be enough to explain my affections for this beautiful place but I want to talk about it, the more I talk about this place, the more I get attached. Where im sitting is the balcony of our cottage where we spent the most beautiful time ever. I used to stay here for quite a long time just to feel the sound of that water coming from the ice sheets. The chaos in my heart was nothing before the sound of that waterfall. We made a number of experiences there, I wish I could go there again and never come back. I need to live and remain there for eternity. Allah has given us such a beautiful country, I never realized before. Visiting such places makes a profound bond and powers you to love Allah unconditionally for his creation and beleive me, I felt that bond and love for Allah when I had tears in my eyes while seeing the nature. You spend loads of cash for international tours however please keep in mind that your own country is brimming with ponders. Do visit them first, and thank and love Allah more.

Find someone you’re enough for.

You can wait for him to change his mind, or you can change your mind about waiting for an answer. I’m gonna give you five reasons why you need to cut it off and move forward with your life. If there’s someone right now, who is not sure about you?

1) You have to do what he’s not strong enough to do. In his weak moments where he’s alone and needy and wants to be connected to you. He’ll come back to you. You’ll have a great time together but in his strong moments he’ll be questioning again whether this is the right relationship, whether you are the right person. So you’ll be on a loop with this guy, where this pain will come back to revisit you over and over again. Every time you think you’ve got past it. It will come back. You have to cut it off because it’s a very good chance, he never will.

2) There is someone waiting who will be sure of you. They won’t think you’re seventy percent of what they want. They’ll be absolutely certain of you. You are depriving yourself of that person. By hanging around with someone who is not sure about you and by the way, you are also depriving that person of you.
3) Life is short enough with the right person. When you find that person you’re sure of, who’s sure of you, you’re already gonna feel like there isn’t enough time in world to love each other. So why would you spend a portion of that finite, precious time with someone who is not even sure about you.

4) Even when he is with you, you’re not getting his best. How do i know that? Because when a man isn’t all in, when he hasn’t really decided that this is the person, he’s always holding back. He is not giving as much of his emotional energy, as much of his time, he is not going out of his way to do the gestures that he would do. So you’re getting scraps of him even when you feel like it’s good, and my response to that is an insult to you, it’s an insult to your time, it’s an insult to how much you care about this person. That you’re going to show every day and the cast isn’t even showing up. They’re not doing their best performance. Why would you be with someone who is not giving you their best performance?

5) Relationships are hard enough even when it’s the right person. When two people find each other and they are certain about each other, there is still gonna be issues and we’re still going to strive every day to do better, to grow, to give more, but in a relationship we should be giving more to try to be our best, not to try to be enough.

If you have to kill yourself just to be enough for someone that is going to destroy you overtime, you’re gonna be exhausted.

We should be enough just by being us and everything else is effort to be our best for our partner. Don’t strive to be enough. Find someone you are enough for, and then strive to be your best for that person.
Look guys will say they are uncertain for a lots of reasons and they may be true, they may be completely logically correct, but I don’t care about his reasons right now I care about your reality. The one where you are entertaining, giving your time, giving your emotion, to someone who is not sure about you. That’s the reality, and that’s the thing you have to focus on.

Life is too short to spend it with someone who is not sure about you. Set the bar higher than that.

See you next week!


Is it okay to say that it was a bad day? Or say it was a bad, five minutes, that you drained all day? Its not about perfect. Its about exertion. Also, when you bring that exertion, each and every day, that is the place transformation happens. Thats how change happens.

Ask as to whether you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you need to be tomorrow. You can never cross the sea unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

Imperfection is Perfection

Imperfection is perfection to a beautiful perspective. To me, more the messy you are, more the beautiful you are. Life would be so dull if everything is perfect.

Once I was told, “It’s important to have bad experiences because if there would be nothing bad happening, we can never realize the meaning of good.”

Little things happening in our lives makes us realize the good and bad. Little imperfections influences us to realize the existence of perfect things.

Continuously express gratitude toward Allah for what you are or what you have. Life is short to squander on regretting or blaming. We give others a chance to fault or degrade us. Once you’ve knows your flaws nobody can use them against you. Know your identity and know its enough.There is no competition since no one can be you and you can’t be like anybody.

A beautiful thing is never perfect. Your imperfections will make you beautiful.

If you want to love somebody then first love yourself. Life is too short to find flaws and to regret. Be appreciative for what you have and what you are.